A kitchen to produce daily meal service for over 200+ student in the school camp food hall, meant a considerable exercise with contractors travel and material freight 1500km North West of Brisbane.
Modular kitchen design and off-site prefabbed construction solution meant a professionally designed and built kitchen, reducing site works to placement and connections. Working with the consultant team of architects and engineers, the containers were integrated into supporting and surrounding structural steel, facade and linings for a flush and seamless fitment.

Dual container designs allowed a galley kitchen large enough to including roll-in combi ovens and bratt pans for a level of meal preparation & production to suit the large and concentrated demand. The supporting container houses cold rooms, store room and larder/preparation area. It also houses a full size dishwash scullery, complete with it’s own dedicated window opening for dish returns after meal service.

Considerable engineering co-ordination was required, with mechanical for very large air exchange volumes & refrigeration systems to cope in the Central West Queensland region, structural frame and building integration, electrical requirements for high-output kitchen equipment, and trade capacity drainage to be integrated through